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MS/HS Speed & agility

A 30 minute speed & agility focused class designed to build power and make every athlete faster.

12+ years old

The program will include:

-Running form

-Change of direction technique

-Speed & power development

-Footwork and brain-body awareness

Monday, Wednesday 4:00-4:30pm

Tuesday, Thursday 10:00-10:30am

MS/HS Speed & Agility

MS/HS rise program

Individualized strength program dedicated to building better athletes.

**Baseball player?  We have something special for you!

What is the rise program?

An individualized program dedicated to building better athletes.


This program is for athletes 13 years and older which focuses on hard work and individual development. The individualized program will provide weekly workouts to be completed at RSP under "group supervision" by our staff.

The workouts generally take 60-90 minutes to complete.

Each workout includes the following:

- Active warm-up and individualized mobility

- Speed and plyometric training

- Ballistic/power training

- Individualized strength training

- *Throwing program

- *Baseball-specific strength training

(*=included in baseball program)

What is the RISE Program


- Prep for MS/HS tryouts

- Prep for college tryouts and showcases

- Get stronger, faster & more agile

Baseball Specific:

- Increase exit velocity

- Increase throwing velocity

- Decrease 60 yard sprint time


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Visit 1: Assessment

The initial assessment will take the athlete through the following:

- Conversation to understand training background, injury history, and goals for training 

- Movement Screening to find any areas to focus on in terms to mobility and flexibility

- Testing the athlete with our "skills" test to establish a baseline  to track progress with future testings.

The Assessment will give us the information needed to create an individualized program to get the you to your goals! 

Visit 2: Hands On Session

The second visit will be your first session under close supervision by our coaches. Upon arrival, we will provide a brief introduction to the workout for the day. From there, we will be by your side to answer all questions and make sure you are completing the plan correctly. 

This visit will take 60-90 minutes as it will be take some time to get comfortable finding the flow of the program.

Visit 3: Semi-Private

In the semi-private training environment, you will lead yourself through your individual program while our staff utilizes a "group supervision" approach with everyone in the facility. 

We will never exceed a 6:1 ratio so you will still remain in good hands as you will have access to a coach to help you when you need help with any questions, need assistance with exercise form, or to tell a funny story to.

RISE Onboarding



What does a typical week look like? 

The RISE program is a 3-day program to be completed throughout the week.

The first 3 days will focus on strength, speed, and ballistic training.

*A 4th day is included for baseball athletes to complete their velocity testing. This day will focus on the velocity training designated for that day which will include throwing and/or hitting velocities. 

How long will each training session last?

The program is individualized so some may take 2 hours and some may take 57 minutes. Each athlete will have their own work to complete focusing on their specific needs.

Can I train while being in-season?


Yes. It is recommended to train both in-season and off-season. This is a way to stay ahead of the competition. The RISE program changes from season to season ensuring each athlete stays progressing.



What is the cost of the RISE program?

Submit the Athlete Analysis Form below to receive valuable information regarding pricing, scheduling, and hours.

Schedule your initial assessment to tour the facility, discuss your goals, complete your baseline testing to see how we can help you get to the next level! 

Athlete Analysis Form


Starts June 3rd

Monday - Friday

10:30am - 1:00pm

Monday - Thursday


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